Rural Infrastructure
USA Rural infrastructure is not only essential to local communities but also provides critical links to global markets for agriculture and other industries. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, trucks carry about 75% of domestic agricultural tonnage and nearly half of U.S. agricultural exports are shipped by rail or barge. America’s farmland grows the highest quality food, fuel and fiber in the world, and supports millions of U.S. jobs. Keeping rural America moving and giving rural businesses room to grow is a win for us all.

WHATIF support of rural infrastructure in the USA is focused currently on telecommunications, energy and water infrastructure.  We are very proud that this support is and will continue to play a crucial role in linking rural residents economically and socially with the rest of the country and the world and in providing them with important basic services.

WHATIF initiatives in the Rural Infrastructure Platform currently include the following:

  • Energy Production at Farms Utilizing Proprietary Waste to Energy Solutions (Central California)
  • Utilize a Patented Mobile Water Technology to Recycle Water in Diary Farms (Central California)
  • Utilize a Patented Decentralized Wastewater Treatment as Part of Water Utilities (Central California)
  • Utilize a Proprietary Analytics Technology to Enable Small Companies Leisure Industry in Rural USA ( Eastern Maryland)