Urban Renewal Investments
Some of the potential investments in our portfolio include:

Soledad Enrichment Action (SEA) Charter School
A ground-breaking public school that is effectively educating school-age students who have struggled academically or dropped out of school. Students receive customized social and wrap-around services that help them achieve their academic potential.

Mitchell School of Business (MSB)
An innovative urban community job training school teaching internet entrepreneurship to adult urban residents on welfare and individuals returning to their communities from prison.

Home Towne RX
A community based pharmacy providing a unique collaborative care model that improves the health of residents by coordinating the care and wellness provided to its customers.

Middle Class Movement (MCM)
A global effort to measure the health of the middle class and establish revenue generating 'Middle Class Conferences' around the world.

Global Tennis Alliance (GTA)
A sports organization operating a 12 city North American professional tennis tour. GTA uses a significant portion of its net profits to fund local literacy, tutoring and tennis programs for economically challenged urban residents.